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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

GoWorkAbroad was formed to offer a unique reference point on practical advice on working abroad.

More and more Britons are deserting their rain-soaked native shores, not just for holidays, or even to retire, but to work. Combining a job with the excitement of seeing the world has become an ideal for many of us, with the result that there are now more British citizens living abroad than those of any other country.

The English-speaking countries of the former British empire have always been attractive destinations for footloose Britons. More recently, the dismantling of bureaucratic barriers within the European Union has made living and working on the continent easier than it ever was before. And there are always some who are drawn to more exotic parts : in the undeveloped world, booming Asia or the oil-rich countries of the Middle East.

Wherever your travels take you, GoWorkAbroad aims to help acquaint you with the issues you will confront when you decide to work abroad. Whether you go for the long term or just temporarily, we will inform you about the legal obligations you will encounter, and the bureaucratic hurdles you will have to overcome, as well as offering tips about attractive opportunities in different parts of the world and hands-on practical advice about what to expect in specific countries.

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