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More and more Britons are deserting their rain-soaked native shores, not just for holidays, or even to retire, but to work. Combining a job with the excitement of seeing the world has become an ideal for many of us, with the result that there are now more British citizens living abroad than those of any other country.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Tax and NIC When Moving abroad, What Happens to My NI Payments When I...
Case Studies
Case Studies: I Had a Gap Year at 35: A Case Study, Working in New Zealand Helped...
Government Issues
Government Issues: Healthcare When You Work Outside the UK, Paying Taxes When You Live...
Home Ties
Home Ties: Things to Do Before You Leave the UK, Renting Out Your Home in the...
Legal Matters
Legal Matters: What to do if You're Arrested While Working Abroad, Working Abroad:...
Living Abroad
Living Abroad: Making the Most of Your Time Off in a New Country, Etiquette Abroad,...
Practical Things to Know
Practical Things to Know: Working Abroad Over Christmas and Other Holidays,...
Summer Camps
Summer Camps: How To Apply To Work At A Summer Camp, Teaching a Specialist Subject,...
Technology Abroad
Technology Abroad: PDA or Smartphone: Adequate Substitute for a Laptop?, Remotely...
Latest Comments
  • Mia
    Re: Remotely Monitoring Your Home While Abroad
    I live in the uk, but i have a home in bangladesh and would like cctv cameras but dont know which is best to see…
    23 October 2017
  • Prasanta
    Re: Remotely Accessing Your PC While Abroad
    Remote Desktop technology has opened a new discipline of computer support. PC support provided through remote…
    17 August 2017
  • Budaa
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    I'm a Kenyan male,21 years of age interested in working abroad as a driver.
    19 June 2017
  • passy
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    Hi; am a 20 year old girl. Who wants to travel all around the world and experience new cultures;new languages;new people and earn money…
    4 June 2017
  • Kwandile
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    Hi! Im a Swazi female aged 24 looking for a job working abroad. I hold a degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Currently…
    9 May 2017
  • erica
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    looking for a nanny job in europe spain, united kingdom,etc i need to work iam 53 years old iam tired of nyc or us, i am a british born…
    14 February 2017
  • Manushka
    Re: What Happens to My NI Payments When I Emigrate?
    Dear All, I am an Italian citizen who has been working and paying tax in the UK for 31 years. In a few…
    30 July 2016
  • Chan
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    Hi, I really want to work as a teaching assistant/ behaviour mentor in New York. I have a degree in Education Studies and English…
    14 May 2016
  • Tiny
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    Hi I'm a 51 year old woman looking at working abroad , I have a Btec in customer service and a senior support worker . Please can you…
    14 May 2016
  • bigdaddydee
    Re: How to Find a Job Abroad
    I'm a swazi male aged 29 with a degree in hummanities plus a pgce looking for work in the Uk please help m out
    2 May 2016
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